About us

 C.H.ERBSLÖH BALTIC established at 2001. Our office and warehouse are in Kaunas, Taikos pr. 141, Lithuania.

We belong to PAn-European companies group with central location in Krefeld, Germany. Our strength and inspiration comes from our mother company C.H.Erbslöh GmbH & Co KG, which counts own history since 1876 when Mr. Carl Hugo Erbslöh founded company with same name in Dusseldorf and started trade with different chemical raw materials. After growing of company on 1990 the main stock was transferred to Krefeld. All this time company was managed by next generations of  C.H.Erbslöh. At the moment company is owned by Mr. C.H.Erbslöh the 5th.

Group of C.H.Erbslöh started to growth on 1987 when establishing subsidiary in Poland with the name C.H.Erbslöh Polska Sp.z o.o. During the years was established next subsidiaries in Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Lithuania, Russia and Hungary. On 1999 C.H. Erbslöh joined on of the biggest leading supplier of chemical raw materials in Europe - LEL together with companies LAKE Chemicals & Minerals LTD., Redditch, UK; LAVOLLEE S.A., Levallois, France, URAI S.p.A, Milan, Italy; Ricardo Molina S.A.U, Barcelona, Spain and Kemiropa Ltd.,Istambul, Turkey.

At the beginning the main activity of the company was supply and trade with chemical raw materials and specialty additives for industry. Our company C.H. Erbslöh Baltic supply chemical raw materials for customers in Baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and also in Belarussia and Ukraine. The excellent position of our main company allow us to deliveer raw materials quickly and our experience of more than 135 years guarantee qualified technical support for all customers in all questions.